KILA Family Hayride 2018

On Saturday October 20th, the weather looked awesome, the forecast looked dreadful, but the KILA Hayride and Halloween Party went off as planned. The 4-H camp was bustling with families there to enjoy the day.  Director Gary Leidheiser, Bev Huston and members of the 4-H Board were there to help us host this special day.  The Hayride with straw from Steve and Holly Miller’s farm was loaded on a trailer, courtesy of Jackie and Gary Finger, and many of our guests were delighted to a ride around, behind the 4-H tractor, seeing the  Camp’s gorgeous property decorated with Snoopy Halloween scenes painted by Robin Benvenuto.  The Boy Scouts built a fire to keep waiting guests warm while Jim Coleman took tickets for the ride.

Soon the wind started howling and the rain came so the party turned towards the indoor activities Over 220 guests came through the door, greeted by Tom Behlen and Drew and Donna Algase.  For just $10 a family they could enjoy everything we had to offer.  The crackling fire by the front door was manned by KILA President Chris Arnold and there were cookies to be decorated with the assistance of Kiki Arnold.

The 4-H Board provided hot dogs for everyone and there were coney fixings, fresh veggies and apples offered for some healthy alternatives. KILA volunteers June Campbell, Barb and Wally Christie and Joanne Schmoldt were busy in the kitchen serving guests and volunteers.

Halloween crafts are always a big hit with the able help of Sheree Herman, Linda Hostal, Holly Miller and Kim Watkins. Sticker art, jewelry, and sand art were favorites and children went home with a variety of decorations and toys.  The Snoopy Cartoon theme was continued with the crafts and toys.

Carnival games filled the end of the room. Popping balloons and squeals of children’s laughter filled the 4-H dining hall as Vicki Finnegan worked hard to keep up with replacing the balloons and Tom Pieratt’s fingers are probable still sore for tying all those balloons. Small stuffed fish and turtles were catapulted into a small wooden Lake Erie to will a prize with Zoe Leonard manning the launcher while her dad Bill Leonard ran a rousing roulette type game which was quite popular.  Jeanne Feagan worked the ‘plinko’  game where everyone won and Jim Zeller kept things interesting at the Black Cat bean bag toss.

This all comes together with community spirit from the 4-H Camp and the Kelleys Island Landowner Association (KILA) Volunteers who give a few hours of their time on a fall afternoon each year.  Without you, all those families could not have enjoyed such a wonderful time on the island.

The sincerest of Thanks

Jennifer Pieratt