ANNOUNCING KILA 2020 Virtual Homecoming Parade

Entry Date 11:00 AM, August 8, 2020

Theme: “Better together”

Rules; (we have rules?)

One entry per group, submitted electronically as attachment to email sent to    Prefer jpeg format but if in another format we will try to manage.  If unable to use format we may ask you to resubmit.

Picture of entry (float, formation, golf cart or whatever) needs to have a visible name of the family(ies)/organization submitting the entry.  To the extent possible, compliance with the 6-10 guidance and masking should be considered in the picture.  The theme is “Better together” or otherwise “if there had been a parade this is what we would have entered”.  What is in your picture does not necessarily need to be possible in the real world, given this whole pandemic is out of this world.

Entries will be cobbled into a sequence which may resemble a “parade” and be made for viewing through KILA website and other locations subject to platforms’ censorship.  

An attempt will be made to judge the entries and award at least a first place.  There may be prizes or surprises awarded.

Thank you for your participation.  Any questions, email

Tom Behlen (In theory in charge)

KILA’s Kommunity Service

KILA is continuing its community service efforts for Kelleys Island this summer.  We have given away over 700 cloth face masks to KI residents, businesses, and their employees.  We have also placed bright yellow yard signs encouraging everyone to “Please Keep Kelleys Safe”.     We hope that everyone will do their best to prevent, or at least slow down the spread of the COVID19 virus on KI by wearing masks in public and maintaining a 6 foot distance.  So far, we’ve had very few cases and with everyone’s cooperation, we will keep it that way.  If any resident needs a mask, please contact us at

KILA Masks – Update

KILA’s community service project for this year is to give reusable cloth masks to KI property owners & residents.  We made some “home deliveries” and distributed masks at the Estes school on Saturday the 6th & 13th.   Masks were also given to the KI Police dept., EMS, both churches, and business & employees to protect themselves and those who they serve.   So far, we have given over 500 masks that we hope helps keep our residents safe and reduces the spread of COVID19.  

If you are a KI property owner (KILA membership is not required) and didn’t get masks, please contact us at

Your face covering protects others.  Their face covering protects you

KILA Masks distribution – June 13th

Last Saturday KILA began giving reusable cloth masks to KI property owners. Thanks to the KILA members who helped with the distribution and also to the almost 100 families who received the masks to help protect residents from the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

On Saturday June 13th at the school parking lot from 11 am to 1 pm, we will continue to give island property owners masks. There is a 2 mask per household as well.

Please help KILA and island residents to keep KI safe.

KILA Mask Distribution – Update

The reusable cloth masks have finally arrived.    KILA is giving two masks per household of KI property owners to promote the health and safety of KI residents and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

We will begin by giving masks to KILA members first.  For those who wanted them delivered to your KI house, we will do so starting on this Friday through Sunday June 7th.  If you wish to pick them up, we will have a table in the Estes School Parking Lot on Saturday June 6th from 11 am to 1:00 pm for KILA members.

  We will have a second distribution day on Saturday June 13th at the school parking lot from 11 am to 1 pm.  This date will be for all KI property owners (KILA members or not) wanting a mask.  There is a 2 mask per household (property) as well.

Your face covering protects others.  Their face covering protects you”.  Keep Kelleys Island residents safe.  Thank you for keeping us all safe.

Cloth Masks from KILA

KILA is supporting keeping KI residents and visitors safe by giving island property owners reusable cloth masks. Delivery is slow, “like island time”, but are expected to be here next week. If so, we will begin distribution by the weekend of June 5th.

More information will follow.

Homecoming 2020

Regrettably, KILA has decided to cancel its annual Homecoming celebration which had been scheduled for August 7 & 8, 2020.  This was a difficult decision, but is in the best interests for the health and safety of KI residents and visitors.  With such a gathering, keeping a social distance between people, wearing masks, and keeping surfaces clean, would be almost impossible.

So, we encourage you all to safely patronize your favorite KI stores, restaurants, bars, parks, and other recreational sites during this season.  We look forward to resuming our homecoming celebration next year.

Please check our website for further schedule updates and news.

Stay safe, be well, and have fun,

KILA Board of Directors

Mayor’s Letter of May 19th

IMPORTANT Update from the Mayor- May 19 – The Mayor provides information on what is happening on the Island and when including the campground, bars & restaurants, marinas, golf cart rentals, etc. You will also find information on what to expect when you arrive. Please bring a mask for everyone’s safety.  It is the Village’s official stance that COVID-19 IS serious and that measures MUST be implemented.  Please respect our wishes, even if you don’t share our views. Follow the guidelines that our business owners have put in place, as deviation from these rules may result in their closure by the Health Dept.  READ THE ENTIRE May 19, 2020 letter HERE.