KILA Membership

Septic System Maintenance

This year, KILA is partnering with Franklin Sanitation to promote awareness of the importance to our environment of maintaining your septic systems. Your active KILA membership (new or renewal) this year automatically enters you in a drawing for a free septic tank pump out (up to 1000 gal.) from Franklin Sanitation.  The drawing will be held at Homecoming on August 14th.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you have your system inspected (in general) every three years by a licensed contractor and have the tank pumped, when necessary, generally every three to five years. For more information check with the Ohio Department of Health at: .

Your membership in KILA helps us support and improve Kelleys Island. If you have not joined or renewed you membership, please do so.

Note: The KILA Kards will be resumed this year. Active members will benefit by getting discounts from local businesses. The cards are planned to be mailed by the end of May.

Earth Day – Dumpster Day

In support of Earth Day, KILA is sponsoring a Dumpster Day on Saturday April 24th.
We will have two dumpsters at Seaway Marina, at the “bend” of Lakeshores rd.  One is for metal scrap only, and the other for household discards (e.g. mattresses, broken feature, etc.).  No hazardous scrap/ materials, daily trash or garbage, etc.

All KILA members may bring their spring cleaning discards.  

Thanks to Frank Dodson for arranging this.  You may bring your KILA membership renewal dues to this event.

Thanks to all for supporting Earth Day and keeping KI clean.
Stay safe & be well

Internet news from Frontier

December 6, 2020 Message from the Chairman: Joe Wolfe

Subject: Update Information of Frontier Internet Service for Kelleys Island Residents

During the last two years we have worked with Frontier to deliver faster more reliable Internet service to our Community. First with the DSLAM project that was completed from Pauline Rd to Titus Rd. Those addresses that fall into “Pauline” can experience stable 5-15 Megabyte service. The remaining DSLAM installations were put on hold to test a new fixed wireless product for Frontier, and they chose Kelleys Island as a beta site for their entire company.

Testing began Oct 2018 of upgrading antennas and radios on the water-tower. In mid 2019, 6 test locations were selected to represent some of the toughest and most remote locations on the Island, along with some more direct sites to the water tower. It was challenging to say the least, leaves, trees, and poor topography caused many issues.

In early 2020,Frontier made a break through: replaced antennae with omni directional technology and continued testing. Most of the test sites experienced at some times very fast speeds 30-40 meg, but also experienced intermittent service, which turned out to be a product of constant remote testing. August of this year, beta equipment was replaced with production equipment and mounted on the test addresses.

I’m happy to report for the last 2-3 months we have experienced faster reliable Internet service. The Fixed Broadband service is now available for sales. I have attached the pricing and products available. Please feel free to comment or ask questions via the comment section of the TODC Website.

EMS Update from Mayor

  • Mayor’s Office -Mayor Ronald E. Ehrbar
  • Village of Kelleys Island
  • P.O.Box 469, 121 Addison Street
  • Kelleys Island, Ohio 43438
  • (419) 746-2535 fax: (419) 746-9595

December 16, 2020

As we close out December, I’m happy to announce two new developments to the island’s health and safety infrastructure. First, we have appointed Russell Maust to serve as our Kelleys Island EMS Administrator. Additionally, MetroHealth Life Flight will handle emergency air transport. 

What does this mean for Kelleys Island?

  • MetroHealth services go into effect on Friday, December 18 at noon; there will be no interruption in emergency services after the transition is made
  • In an emergency, you will still need to call 911
  • In a non-emergency, you will still need to call (419) 503-2508
  • The EMS office is still located next to the police station behind town hall
  • No membership is needed for this new program as it was previously with St. Vincent’s, MetroHealth will simply bill your insurance
  • Whatever your insurance agrees to pay will be covered, any additional balance is forgiven

More information about the services MetroHealth will offer including TeleHealth, TeleDoc, etc. will be made available in the coming weeks. Look for an article in the next edition of Kelleys Life for a more detailed outline.

We’re thrilled to be able to provide our community with these important services and enhancements to our EMS personnel. We hope that it will help you all feel safer and more confident being part of our island community, whether Kelleys is your year-round home, seasonal refuge, or favorite vacation spot. 

Finally, the Village of Kelleys Island would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season! We thank you for all your support this past year!


Ronald E. Ehrbar


Message from Mayor Ehrbar

Village of Kelleys Island

  • P.O.Box 469, 121 Addison Street
  • Kelleys Island, Ohio 43438
  • (419) 746-2535 fax: (419) 746-9595
  • November 24, 2020

We’re closing in on the Thanksgiving holiday and the COVID-19 statistics in our state are getting dire. As Governor Mike DeWine remarked in a recent presser, the virus is now seeing significant spread in more remote, rural areas. We have even seen it spread to Kelleys Island – several of our community members have become ill and one was even hospitalized.

As of Monday, the state of Ohio is nearing 6,000 deaths from COVID-19. Since Saturday, 8,133 new COVID-19 cases with 205 more hospitalizations and 12 more deaths have been reported. We’re firmly in the third wave of this pandemic and we must take this seriously. 

What does that mean for Kelleys Island?

  • We encourage our workers, residents, and visitors to continue to practice safe social distancing, mask wearing, and regular hand sanitizing regimens
  • We encourage our community to refrain from gathering for the Thanksgiving holiday with those outside their household
  • We encourage those who are sick to stay home and to seek medical attention if they believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms
  • For Christmas Park Lighting, which will occur on November 27, Santa will be driving by to greet the children and their families, but no children will be able to sit on Santa’s lap this year to share their Christmas wishes; goody bags will be provided
  • The annual Thanksgiving potluck on November 27 at the Village Pump has been cancelled
  • The Winery will host its annual holiday bazaar on November 28 and it will be held entirely outdoors

We understand that the prospect of further lockdowns and increased infections is exhausting, frustrating, and scary. However, we implore you to think of the safety of your family, your friends, and even strangers in the coming days. Furthermore, let’s help our medical professionals and first responders by staying well and out of the ICU. With a bit of cooperation, we’ll all be able to have a safe and happy holiday in 2021. 

Don’t forget – you are your community. And what you do matters.


Ronald E. Ehrbar, Mayor

Flu Shots on KI

The Erie County Community Health Outreach Clinic will provide Flu Shots on KI on Friday October 23, 2020. Appointments are required. To schedule your appointment with a provider, call Central Scheduling at 419-626-5623 ext 174. See (download) the Flyer for more details.

is excited to announce we are resuming our The Outreach Clinic will resume our normal scheduled hours at the Kelley’s Island Library. Due to COVID-19 precautions, appointments are required. To schedule
your appointment with a provider, call Central Scheduling at 419-626-5623 ext 174.
Facial coverings are required and social distancing will be enforced.
Flu shots available October 23, 2020!

2020 KILA Annual Report

All KILA members.

This last year has been a challenge for sure. Unprecedented cancellations of island activities due to COVID-19. Even though we had a tough year we had some great highlights all should be proud of. First we had a great 2019 family hayride with record turnout. Thanks to all the volunteers.

Coming into 2020 KILA we went to all virtual meetings like today’s for safety reasons. We had the difficult decision to cancel both the homecoming 2020 and parade. Annual hayride for this fall was also cancelled. We fully plan on resuming in 2021 and better than ever!!

In November I was asked to attend the Park Board meeting to discuss KILA’s project we pledged to give to the community. In 2018 the board voted to raise funds for a community project similar to the light the park project we successfully achieved. We approached the park board with an idea of a 20’ x 20’ splash pad to be put in one of the parks on the island. The idea was voted 4 to 1 against accepting this gift from KILA and the community. The reason was the cost of maintaining it. We are sponsoring a sign for the park on Addison St. Once the park board decides on the name of the park, KILA will pay for the sign to be erected.

The board came up with great ideas on how to Keep Kelleys Safe. First we bought reusable face masks in April and distributed them in late May; 2 per family and also donated to many island businesses that requested them. Also in June we voted to buy the yellow signs you see all over the island with the masked smiley 😊 face with a mask on asking people to “Keep Kelleys Safe”.

I’m very proud of KI being as safe as we have been keeping COVID at bay and proud of KILA being involved up front to help.

The financials are attached below. We did not have any activities to generate any income, beyond dues. We only really had expenditures for the masks and the signs and donations for Fireworks and Film Fest this year.

Here’s looking forward to a safe, healthy, and enjoyable 2021.

Chris Arnold

President, KILA

September 19, 2020

(Please download the full report for financials)

2020 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was held virtually on September 19, 2020. Thanks to the members who joined the Google Meet session as well as those 18 who viewed us on YouTube.

The Bylaws were amended (unanimously) as follows:

ARTICLE VII (7)-MEMBERSHIP (Approved Revisions)

1. MEMBER – Any Kelleys Island landowner shall be eligible for membership in The Association (Initial Membership Fee-$25.00). To maintain active membership, dues established by the Board per Article VI 1.  are payable each year to The Association. An active member shall have the right to vote at the annual meeting and an individual or the designated representative of a legal entity active member shall be eligible to become a Board Member. Any person, organization or legal entity who has maintained a membership since the initiation of The Association (May 15. 1974) is classed as a MEMBER. Each $25.00 membership under Section 1 shall have no more than one vote at the annual meeting.

Election of Board of Directors members:

Incumbents: Jim Coleman, Frank Dodson, Janet Killam, Jennifer Pieratt, Todd Hanes.

New directors: Melanie Bates, Chris Kipfer.

Congratulations to the elected board members and thank you to members leaving the board: Vickie Finnigan and Jeanie Feagan