ANNOUNCING KILA 2020 Virtual Homecoming Parade

Entry Date 11:00 AM, August 8, 2020

Theme: “Better together”

Rules; (we have rules?)

One entry per group, submitted electronically as attachment to email sent to    Prefer jpeg format but if in another format we will try to manage.  If unable to use format we may ask you to resubmit.

Picture of entry (float, formation, golf cart or whatever) needs to have a visible name of the family(ies)/organization submitting the entry.  To the extent possible, compliance with the 6-10 guidance and masking should be considered in the picture.  The theme is “Better together” or otherwise “if there had been a parade this is what we would have entered”.  What is in your picture does not necessarily need to be possible in the real world, given this whole pandemic is out of this world.

Entries will be cobbled into a sequence which may resemble a “parade” and be made for viewing through KILA website and other locations subject to platforms’ censorship.  

An attempt will be made to judge the entries and award at least a first place.  There may be prizes or surprises awarded.

Thank you for your participation.  Any questions, email

Tom Behlen (In theory in charge)