2020 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was held virtually on September 19, 2020. Thanks to the members who joined the Google Meet session as well as those 18 who viewed us on YouTube.

The Bylaws were amended (unanimously) as follows:

ARTICLE VII (7)-MEMBERSHIP (Approved Revisions)

1. MEMBER – Any Kelleys Island landowner shall be eligible for membership in The Association (Initial Membership Fee-$25.00). To maintain active membership, dues established by the Board per Article VI 1.  are payable each year to The Association. An active member shall have the right to vote at the annual meeting and an individual or the designated representative of a legal entity active member shall be eligible to become a Board Member. Any person, organization or legal entity who has maintained a membership since the initiation of The Association (May 15. 1974) is classed as a MEMBER. Each $25.00 membership under Section 1 shall have no more than one vote at the annual meeting.

Election of Board of Directors members:

Incumbents: Jim Coleman, Frank Dodson, Janet Killam, Jennifer Pieratt, Todd Hanes.

New directors: Melanie Bates, Chris Kipfer.

Congratulations to the elected board members and thank you to members leaving the board: Vickie Finnigan and Jeanie Feagan