KILA Kards

The 2021 KILA Kards have been mailed last week to active members from 2021 and 2020. You should receive them this week at the mailing address in our records. If you don’t receive the Kards by July 5th, please let us know at

If you have not renewed your membership for 2021, please do so.

And, don’t forget HOMECOMING on August 13 & 14th at the Pavilion.

One thought on “KILA Kards”

  1. KILA Kards were mailed in late June. However, it appears that while most members finally received their Kards, many did not. Several were returned to KILA as undeliverable. But many seem to have been “lost in the ether”. Apologies to all who did not receive their Kards. Please contact me at and we will attempt to hand deliver replacement Kards. Thank you all for your support of KILA and your understanding & patience. We’ll do better next time.
    See you all at Homecoming on the 13th & 14th of August.

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