Homecoming Award Winners & Prizes

Thanks to all who participated in our Raffle, parade, pie contest, games and cornhole tournament


$ 2,500Kevin Pape
$ 1,000Jennie Anderson
$ 500Jessie Webster
$ 250Virginia Park
$ 100Tim Arnold


1st Place: “Fish Tales,” created by Larry and Kristina Truthan, along with their granddaughter.

2nd Place:  Milan Edison Band parents support golf cart which was appropriately decorated.

3rd Place went to Papa T.

Pie Contest:

#1 Elvis by Jacquie Folk

#2 Tomato/Tomato^ by Robin Benvenuto

#3 Key Lime by Denise Fahry

Twinkie Eating:

1st place Ethan Zientarski

2nd place Kason Camacho

Marshmallow Golf:

1st place Kason Camacho

2nd place Jonah Kaufman

Corn Hole Tournament:

1st: Doug & Jeff Dury.

2nd: Tom & Dave Dury