Candidates’ Forum Summary

This year’s forum was in the form of a “town hall” meeting since all candidates for election are running unopposed.  The village officials at this forum were: Mayor Ron Ehrbar, Clerk/treasurer Lisa Klonaris, Councilman Scott Stevenson, and Village administrator Andy Federle.  About 25 KILA members and residents were present.

Here is a brief summary of items discussed:

Mayor Ehrbar shared the accomplishments of his administration this year.

  • As he promised, no new taxes from the village.
  • The Huntington road waterline was replaced and road paved.
  • The airport lights are now LEDs and state of the art.
  • EMS / Metro Health / Life flight is up and running very well
  • The Erie County Health Clinic was opened in the Golias house (thanks to a $250k grant from the county).

The following new or ongoing items were discussed:

  • The East Lakeshore road protection project is ongoing ($400k grant).  Now in process to acquire easements to add stone.  
  • The playground project has about $143k but need about an additional $120k for the flooring.  Next Park Board meeting is October 2nd at 6 pm.
  • Sewage treatment project has a grant for planning & design.  NO designs are firm yet.  This planning will take about 18 months.  Initially, the downtown area is expected to be addressed.  The intention is for grants to pay for building and hook up of the system.  Homeowners will only pay for operation & usage (like water).  There was much discussion and concern from residents.
  • Short term rentals – a firm was contracted to identify rental properties so that “bed tax” is paid to Erie county & KI.  There also may be an annual fee of 2-3 nights rental to the village.  This is like to $50 annual fee for rental golf carts.  This is expected by March, 2024.
  • The Fairview & other roads paving is having the evaluation in a few weeks.  Then quotes will be gathered and expected completion is spring 2024.
  • Division st repairs – village is looking for state funding as the road was upgraded from a village road, but not a full state route.
  • The water tank was refurbished, but will need replacement is about 15 years. 

Thanks to all who attended.  This summary is from our notes of the discussions and are only the “high points”.  Please contact the village office, council, or Mayor for greater detail.