Mayor’s Letter of May 19th

IMPORTANT Update from the Mayor- May 19 – The Mayor provides information on what is happening on the Island and when including the campground, bars & restaurants, marinas, golf cart rentals, etc. You will also find information on what to expect when you arrive. Please bring a mask for everyone’s safety.  It is the Village’s official stance that COVID-19 IS serious and that measures MUST be implemented.  Please respect our wishes, even if you don’t share our views. Follow the guidelines that our business owners have put in place, as deviation from these rules may result in their closure by the Health Dept.  READ THE ENTIRE May 19, 2020 letter HERE.

Mayor’s Letter May 9th

IMPORTANT Update from the Mayor- May 9 – As of May 1, per Governor Mike DeWine, Ohio’s “Stay at Home” order transformed into what is now known as the “Stay Safe Ohio” order. On May 8, our sister island to the west, South Bass (aka Put-In-Bay) announced their plan to fully reopen business on their island in accordance with safety guidelines set by our Governor. As a show of unity, we will follow suit in welcoming everyone back. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, as we are a different island with our own infrastructure challenges.

What does that mean for Kelleys Island?
• Travel to the island for tourism and recreational purposes can resume, including fishing, biking, kayaking, etc.; lodging properties can now accept reservations.
• Property owners, business owners, and employees are still welcome to come to the island for the purposes of attending to their homes or businesses.
• The Kelleys Island State Park Campground is still closed at this time.
• Beginning May 12, some retail shops will open on the island, provided they are able to do so safely and in compliance with health department guidelines.
• Beginning May 15, some restaurants/bars will open outdoor service, provided they are able to do so safely and in compliance with health department guidelines.
• Beginning May 21, some restaurants will open indoor service, provided they are able to do so safely and in compliance with health department guidelines.
• Marinas and golf cart rentals will soon open to customers, provided they are able to do so safely and in compliance with health department guidelines.
• The Kelleys Island History Museum will remain closed until June.
• The Charles Herndon Sculpture Garden’s outdoor portion will be open to the public as long as social distancing is practiced; the galleries will be open by appointment and masks will be required while inside.
• Visitors should prepare for reduced seating capacity and admittance inside retail spaces. Consider calling ahead for dining in. Takeout is still available. Do not congregate outside bars, restaurants, and shops once you have finished your meal or purchased your items.

Serving Our Seniors & KILA Partner on “Transportation Project”

Serving Our Seniors and KILA are working together to experiment how they can help Kelleys Island full-time residents (KI is only residence), ages 60 and older, mitigate the financial burden of air transportation off and on of Kelleys Island, when ferry service is not available, to access unanticipated, recurring medical treatment for up to 8 weeks.  

The total funding available is $3,000.00.   Serving Our Seniors is providing $2,000.00 and KILA is contributing $1,000.00 to study the extent of the need. 

Examples of Eligible Conditions that Qualify for Airfare Reimbursement: 

  • Those who are medically stable and do not require the services of emergency medical personnel.
  • Those who are medically stable and require recurring after care due to unexpected complications.
  • Those who are medically stable and require recurring after care following an emergency or unscheduled life-sustaining surgery, i.e., organ transplant.
  • Those who are medically stable and require short-term dialysis.
  • Those who are medically stable and require cancer treatment.
  • Those who are medically stable and require recurring treatment due to a flare-up/change in condition of illness(es).

Examples of Ineligible conditions for Airfare Reimbursement are:

  • Regular maintenance doctor visits
  • Emergency medical attention
  • Dental
  • Planned elective surgery and after care.
  • Long term dialysis

Serving Our Seniors also has a group of volunteers who donate their time to drive Erie County senior citizens to health care appointments.  The volunteers will pick up the client at the Erie-Ottawa airport, in a Serving Our Seniors vehicle.  The volunteers will drive as far as Cleveland or Toledo to get the individual to their health care appointment.

To participate in this program, you must contact Serving Our Seniors at 419-624-8173 to verify your eligibility for reimbursement prior to your appointments and air travel off Kelleys Island.

For more information call Sue Daugherty, Director, Serving Our Seniors (419-624-1856).

2019 KILA Annual Report

As the 2019 summer draws to a close, we are all making plans for the fall to spring season.  Some hardy folks will remain on KI while others go south or west (some even go north). 

KILA’s annual meeting was held on Saturday September 21st at 10:00 am at Estes school and attended by about 25 members.  We reviewed the high points from the year, reelected five board members, and discussed the future direction of KILA. 

The following is a brief summary of KILA activities since last year’s annual meeting.

  • The Family Hayride in October was a rousing success.  We had a record number (220 people) of families participating.  Chairperson Jennifer Pieratt and her team of volunteers from KILA and the 4H camp ably handled the surge with food, games, and of course, a hayride.
  • In May, KILA held a welcome back pot luck led by Wally Christy.  There were 55 attendees to great kick-off the 2019 summer season.
  • The main event for KILA was Homecoming.  From all reports, this was very successful and an enjoyable time for all.  Some highlights:
    • This year was the second time it was held a week earlier on the second Saturday of August.  This was to allow more families attend before the students return to school.  And, the weather fully cooperated.
    • The Friday evening session included a live band (Fuzzy Dice), snacks and beverages and seemed to be well received.  But, attendance was not as large as expected.
    • The parade, chaired by Tom Behlen, included several floats following the theme of “KI Roots”.  The parade marshals was  Laura Jean Pohorence, born & raised on KI for all her 90 years.  It also included the Elyria High School marching band with 44 young performers.
    • The pie contest, led by Vicky Finnegan, had 16 entries and all the pie pieces sold out.
    • Kid’s contests (Marshmallow golf, Twinkie eating), led by Janet Killam, were again popular with many kids, large and small participating.
    • The food, led by Caroline Jorski and her team of “green hats” and Beer & Pop, led by Frank Dodson, kept the many happy attendees satiated and hydrated, in a good way.
    • The entertainment was great; Frank & Dean and the Fat City Band were again very popular.
    • The KILA booth, headed by Wally Christy, sold shirts, glassware, and license plate holders.  They also accepted membership applications (5 new members) and sold Raffle tickets.
    • Speaking of the Raffle, we only sold 413 of the 500 tickets.  That resulted in over $3700 for our next project.
    • Other fund raising activities were very successful.  They included:  Silent Auction (led by Wally Christy & Drew Algase) to help fund next year’s marching band, 50/50 raffle (by Elliot Algase), Beer Slide (by Leslie Algase & Tim Arnold).  Thank you to all the auction item donors and those who purchased items and tried the raffle & slide.
    • All of this was possible because of the many volunteers in all areas.  A big THANKS to all.
  • The 2018-19 KILA project, funded by Homecoming revenues and donations, is to “improve and enhance the Pavilion Park”.  Initially, the expansion of the electrical service at the pavilion was considered.  This is still being evaluated.  Another potential project is for a “splash pad”.  This was wildly discussed in the Facebook KI yard sale as well as comments from members and residents.  This is also being evaluated. The KI Park Board is considering these and other projects for KI as part of their master plan for the parks.    At the annual meeting, your feedback on both projects is welcome.
  • KILA has 243 active members (13 new members) in 2019.  Big increase from 178 in 2017 but similar to the 252 members in 2018.
  • KILA’s website and domain name:
  • KILA has had some great promotion and advertising in Kelleys Life thanks to Caroline Jorski and broad support from the KI Chamber of Commerce (Thanks Jordan).
  • The 2019 Candidates Forum was held on September 21st to hear from candidates for village council and mayor, school board, and issues & levies.  The audience heard from Mayor Ehrbar, school board member Herndon, Clerk Treasurer Brown, and clerk treasurer candidates Ahner and Klonaris.
  • The 2019 Family Hayride is October 19th at the 4H camp at 3 PM.
  • KILA Account Balances: 
  Dec. 2017 Sept. 2018 Sept 2019
Operating $19,109.51 $27,520.74 $ 29,214.42
Crime Watch $2,572.48 $2,632.65 $   2,642.92
“Legal” $16,596.00 $16,739.36 $ 17,147.67
Total $38,277.99 $46,892.75 $ 49,005.01

These are bank balances. The operating fund does not reflect a 2018&19  project donation (~$10,000 budgeted). 

  • 2020 tentative calendar:

April 18:  Board Meeting
May 16:  Board Meeting (& Welcome Back Pot Luck)
June 20:  Board Meeting
July 18:  Board Meeting
August 7 & 8:  HOMECOMING
August 15:  Board Meeting
Sept 19:  Annual Meeting followed by Board Meeting
October 17: Board Meeting
October 17: Family Hayride at 4H Camp 3:00 PM

Thanks to all KILA members whose volunteer activities and efforts make all this possible.  You all should be proud of how your helped KILA to “enhance & improve” Kelleys Island.

2019 Candidates Forum

Saturday, September 21, 2019 1:00 PM at Estes School Gym

All candidates for KI Village Council, Clerk-Treasurer and School Board are invited to share their views with the public.

Please plan to attend to learn about the candidates and local issues (Referendum and Levies).

This follows the KILA Annual Meeting at 10:00 am and the board of directors meeting

Sponsored by the Kelleys Island Landowners Association (KILA)

2019 Homecoming Summary

The KI Landowners annual Homecoming Celebration 2019 proved to be a huge success. The theme this year was “Honoring Your Roots” which brought out a parade of colorful floats, a lively 44 member marching band from Elyria High School, cars, scooters and a special parade Marshal, Laura Jean Pohorence, who was born on Kelleys in 1928 put the crowning touch on the event.

Parade float winners were: 1st Sheppard 81, 2nd Lentz, 3rd Beatty, 4th Leonard.

Food, games, music, dancing, pie contest, pictures, vendors, nature exhibits and a marshmallow golf tournament added to the festivities. The main raffle of $2500 was won by Stephanie Franklin. Islanders Rob Watkins won $1000 and Cindy Leonard won $500.

Mark your calendars now for next year’s Homecoming Celebration which will be held on August 7 and 8, 2020. See you there!
Check the Kelleys Life Newspaper for more pictures and more contest winners.

KILA Annual Meeting

The Annual membership meeting will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 10:00 am at Estes School community room. All KILA members and everyone interested in KILA and it activities are invited. You will hear the annual report from President Arnold, financial status from Treasurer Feagan, and help elect board members (KILA members only). You all will have an opportunity to ask questions and give suggestions for KILA to help improve & enhance Kelleys Island.

The KILA board meeting will follow immediately until about noon

The Candidates Forum will be held at 1:00 pm in the school Gym.