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December 6, 2020 Message from the Chairman: Joe Wolfe

Subject: Update Information of Frontier Internet Service for Kelleys Island Residents

During the last two years we have worked with Frontier to deliver faster more reliable Internet service to our Community. First with the DSLAM project that was completed from Pauline Rd to Titus Rd. Those addresses that fall into “Pauline” can experience stable 5-15 Megabyte service. The remaining DSLAM installations were put on hold to test a new fixed wireless product for Frontier, and they chose Kelleys Island as a beta site for their entire company.

Testing began Oct 2018 of upgrading antennas and radios on the water-tower. In mid 2019, 6 test locations were selected to represent some of the toughest and most remote locations on the Island, along with some more direct sites to the water tower. It was challenging to say the least, leaves, trees, and poor topography caused many issues.

In early 2020,Frontier made a break through: replaced antennae with omni directional technology and continued testing. Most of the test sites experienced at some times very fast speeds 30-40 meg, but also experienced intermittent service, which turned out to be a product of constant remote testing. August of this year, beta equipment was replaced with production equipment and mounted on the test addresses.

I’m happy to report for the last 2-3 months we have experienced faster reliable Internet service. The Fixed Broadband service is now available for sales. I have attached the pricing and products available. Please feel free to comment or ask questions via the comment section of the TODC Website.

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