2018 Homecoming

Homecoming 2018….a celebration to remember!
Caroline Jorski (reprinted from Kelleys Life)
   Music, food,  games, prizes and a lot of fun and laughter brought all ages together on Friday, August 10 and Saturday, August 11th to the Park Pavilion on Addison Street to celebrate the annual Homecoming Celebration.
    Children bounced on the Bounce Castle brought in by Jim Zeller, they gobbled Twinkies in the Twinkie Eating Contest and joined the adults in the infamous Marshmallow golfing contest, which was spear headed by Janet Killam.  16 pies were entered in the pie contest and the six judges had a very hard time picking out winners since they were all delicious–Vicky Finnegan headed this committee and did a fine job.
    Jim Coleman gathered all the old timers and new timers at the baseball diamond to have the annual Homecoming pictures taken.  Among those having their pictures taken were: Theresa Betzenheimer Berhends, Karen Seeholzer Baker, Deb Seeholzer Phillips, Pat Greenery Seeholzer, Ben Elfers, Laura Jean Seeholzer Pohorence, Mike Feyedelem, LuAnn Pohorence Swindell, Ruthie Elfers Stafford, Rob Holmes,Kim Holmes, Addie Holmes, Octavia Schnittker, Olivia Schnittker.
       The beerslide was a great hit and it was overseen by Drew Algase and his loyal crew and Frank Dodson made sure there was plenty of liquid refreshment to satisfy anyone from beer to cold drinks.  Good job, Frank.  A casual food court of hot dogs, chicken nuggets, corn dogs and nachos with warm melted cheese plus condiments added to the family picnic atmosphere.  Kiki Arnold and her team made sure all went well with the help of many volunteers.  
        Many wonderful prizes graced the Silent Auction tent while bidders hovered over the special item that caught their eye all hoping to grab that unique gift at a special price.  Volunteers manned the KILA booth which offered T-shirts, wine and beer glasses and a chance to take a raffle ticket for that $2500 prize plus other monetary prizes.  Thanks to ALL the volunteers for taking the time out of their busy day to assist in this effort.
        Music was provided by Frank and Dean and the Fat City Band on Saturday and by Unchained on Friday evening.  How nice to see the young people dancing with their quick body movements while the older generation just slowly swayed to the music. 
Pie Contest Winners: 
      1st place  Virginia Coyne           Lucious Lemon Sour Cream Pie
      2nd           Sue Lange                    Apple Crumb Pie (also most like grandma’s)
      3rd            Denise Freasby         Summer Harvest Strawberry Peach
      4th           Chase Barledge         Carrot Cake Pie (Most Original)

Parade Float Winners:
    Megan and Breanne McKean…82nd Airborne..Fighting Roosters

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Raffle Tickets

Edit:   All 500 Tickets Sold Out!  Thank You and Congratulations to the 5 winners.

Please support KILA’s projects to enhance & improve Kelleys Island.

Raffle tickets are $20.00 each with 5 prizes: $2500, $1000, $500, $250, $100.  This year KILA will upgrade the electrical system in Addison Park & Pavilion.  See any Board member for tickets.